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Queer Life in Turku

Ree Melanen
Jani Sainio / Turku Pride
  • The Library Bridge in rainbow colours during the Turku Pride 2016.

For a small-ish city Turku offers a nice variety of events, activities and friendly locations for LGBTQIA+ people. Check out our tips for the queer crowd.


Turku Pride
Annual event for LGBTQIA+ rights with program spread throughout the week and the parade on Sat. 26.8. Free entry to most events.

Festival for queer-themed films, documentaries and shorts. Great for seeing films that do not get distributed widely.

Conference for Lesbian-, Gay- and Queer Studies
Fall 2017
Organized by SQS, the Society of Queer Studies in Finland. Academic lectures and workshops from the cutting edge of Finnish gender and queer studies, mostly in Finnish. Participation is free.

Recurring DIY queer dance club event at Kirjakahvila (Vanha Suurtori 3). Uncommercial and counter-culture, club evenings are typically in spring and late summer/early fall.

TuSeta’s recurring queer dance club at bar Portti (Hämeenkatu 7). Next club will likely be during Turku Pride week.


Turku area’s Seta. Seta is Finland’s main LGBTI rights organization with member organizations (like TuSeta) around the country. Activities are primarily at the office and living room (Eerikinkatu 22b B 20). Program includes for example: Rainbow Café, an evening specifically for English-speakers every other Monday. Board game club every Thursday. Several discussion and peer groups, mostly in Finnish.

Spektri ry
Organization for all LQBTQIA+ students in Turku. Occasional hangouts for new students and members.

Turun Baletti
The BDSM Association of Turku. Monthly meetings, occasional bar evenings and yearly dresscode-parties.

Dirty River Roller Derby
Not strictly LGBTQIA+ but very queer friendly. Beginners’ courses twice a year and matches scattered throughout the year.


Bar Suxes
The only gay bar in Turku (Yliopistonkatu 9). Karaoke on Thur. and Sun. Offers both Eurovision viewing parties and hockey games!

Cozy vegan cafe with snacks and piles of books (Vanha Suurtori 3, Brinkkala courtyard). Queerfriendly, hosts a variety of events and activities.

TuSeta living room
Free to use whenever it’s not scheduled for other activity.


THE RELEASE of the biopic of Touko Laaksonen a.k.a. Tom of Finland, an iconic gay artist known for his highly stylized homoerotic fetish art, has led to several ToF-related art exhibits, a musical and the naming of the Logomo square as the Tom of Finland square. Unfortunately, most exhibits and performances end in August.
Visit Turku also offers guided Tom of Finland tours throughout the summer.


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